Raising Confident Girls Initiative was founded in September 2014 as an online movement. It has naturally evolved into the NGO is growing rapidly with over 23,000 members online .  We are a movement that are passionate about Raising Confident Girls. We know that there are several issues with raising girls in the 21st century and our desire is to provide support and solutions to the challenges. By engaging in discussions and providing useful tips, we can all benefit from and transfer our learning to girls in our communities, whether they are our daughters, nieces, god daughters, granddaughters, students etc.  It takes a Village to Raise a Girl Child.

Educate. Enlighten. Empower. 

• We aim to be No 1 place in the world for gaining resources for Raising Confident Girls
• We cater for any woman who is interested in Raising Confident Girls
• We seek to share information that will be useful for Raising Confident Girls
• We serve as a help group to a mother or a guardian who feels she is struggling in her role to a girl child
• We provide knowledge and learning which you can apply back to your girls
• We aim to provide tools and resources which women can take notes and apply in the home, school or church group
• We aim to share success stories and celebrate girls who are confident and doing well in their communities
• We aim to deliver confident talks and workshops to girls across the world.

• To identity best ways to Raise Confident Girls
• A world where every girl is confident