Raising Confident Girl Members love to discuss topics and current trends on about confidence.  We currently do this on our private Facebook for women only.
Our scheduled themes for the week on our online platform include
#Motivational Monday – empowerment for our girls and members
#FeelingGoodAndPositiveThinking – Build up Emotional
Intelligence for our girls and members
#Promo Tuesdays – Promote products and services that benefit our girls and members
#Recommend Wednesday – Share recommended books or movies for girls and members
#Etiquette Thursday – Sharing nuggets on etiquette for our girls
#Celebrate Friday – We celebrate our girls and members
#Fun Saturday – We have fun as a Fashion Police for our daughters and ourselves
#Scripture Sunday – We learn scriptures that will build confidence and encourage one another
Testimonials From Members (Anonymous survey) 
”It’s actually helping me be a better mother. Knowing a more confident me equals a more confident daughter. Plus many more things…”
”I have learnt to be independent, now i want to pursue my dream. Am more tolerant with my daughter, closer, and am raising her to be a confident girl, she can never be like me, God help, amen”
” I communicated to my daughter a lots of articles I read from this group that have enriched her life in many ways. Well done ladies.”
”Before I joined this group I was a very shy person.  I could not look at people straight in the eye while talking to them and found it difficult to say my mind but now I am  bold and confident .”
If you are a lady and want to join our conversations please click the link to join