On the July 15, Mothers and Daughters from Raising Confident Girls Initiative came together for a meet and greet at the beautiful surroundings of H21 which is located at Chris Maduake Street in Lekki.  The aim of the event was to get to know ourselves and answer some pressing questions from our teens.  Design Essentials and Hugs & Stitches gave out goodies to the first six girls who arrived at the event. The feedback from the hangout was great. Mrs Aluko from Transformation Timeout said, ‘’My daughter really enjoyed the session and I did too. It was engaging and informative’’.  The response was similar from a lot of our guests.

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Lessons learned from the Meet and Greet

1. Communication is the central key to mother and daughter bonds.
2. Honest conversations with girls builds trust. Let us never appear holier than thou. Our girls know us more than we think.
3. We have to listen more to girls and allow them to do the talking. They have a lot to say.
4. A girl will not always disclose sensitive information to her mum because she doesn’t want to upset.
5. Make sure your daughter has a trusted adult like an aunty that she can talk to.
6. Sexual awareness has to start early. Don’t wait for them to find out in the playground.

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